Drumin Farm

Duke of Gordon's Factors

William Marshall

Drumin Farm, Historical Residence of the Duke of Gordon's Factor

The farmhouse at Drumin  was built in 1818-19 by William Mitchell, Factor to the Duke of Gordon. James Skinner and subsequently his son, William Marshall Skinner, succeeded Mitchell as Factor. James Skinner was Factor (Agent) to successive Dukes of Gordon from 1824 to 1873 and his son from 1873 to 1904. William Marshall Skinner was a grandson of the well-known violinist and composer of Strathspey reels, William Marshall (1748-1833), himself a factor to the Duke of Gordon at Drumin from 1794 - 1816.

William Marshall was an interesting character,  for more information on his life, compositions and clockmaking, click here.

Drumin Smithy

There is also a small croft at Drumin which is referred to as Drumin Smithy Croft. The Smithy operated until the 1980's and used to service the needs of the horses required for the deliveries to and from the Glenlivet Distillery, as well as local agricultural repairs and fabrication. The croft house, in the early 1900's, housed the local Post Office. At one time a market was held close to the burn of Alltnachois, near the present Smithy, but this was transferred to Tomintoul in 1809 and was known as the Alltnacoush or Coushach Market.

Drumin Sawmill

A redundant timber building is all that remains of the old estate sawmill at Drumin. The mill closed sometime in the 1950's .

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